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x86_64 is the only supported architecture for hosting virtual machines. Your architecture is
<p>GRUB is needed because it supports the multiboot standard required to boot Xen and the Linux kernel.</p> <p>GRUB je potreban zbog toga što podržava standard za podizanje više sustava što je potrebno za podizanje Xen Linux kernela.</p>
<p>When the configuration has finished successfully, you can boot the VM Server from the boot loader menu.</p> <p>Kada se postavke uspješno dovrše, moguće je pokrenuti VM poslužitelj iz izbornika programa za podizanje sustava.</p>
Updating grub2 configuration files... Nadograđujem postavke u datotekama...
NetworkManager is being used. Bridge configuration must be done manually.
<p>For normal network configurations hosting virtual machines, a network bridge is recommended.</p><p>Configure a default network bridge?</p>
KVM components are installed. Your host is ready to install KVM guests.
KVM components are installed. Reboot the machine and select the native kernel in the boot loader menu to install KVM guests.
For installing Xen guests, reboot the machine and select the Xen section in the boot loader menu.
Xen Hypervisor and tools are installed. Hipervizor i alati su instalirani.
Virtualization client tools are installed. Hipervizor i alati su instalirani.
Choose Hypervisor(s) to install Hipervizor i alati su instalirani.
Server: Minimal system to get a running Hypervisor
Tools: Configure, manage and monitor virtual machines Postavljam virtualni stroj...
A disabled checkbox means the Hypervisor item has already been installed
KVM Hypervisor
KVM server MySQL poslužitelj
KVM tools
Xen Hypervisor
Xen server Neupotrebljiv poslužitelj