Source Priority Failing checks
Usage: %s [OPTION]...

Plays audio files on GUI events raised by IceWM.
The currently configured sound interfaces are: %s.
Icesound will choose the first of these which is usable.


-d, --display=DISPLAY X11 display used by IceWM (default: $DISPLAY).

-s, --sample-dir=DIR Specifies a directory with sound files.
Default is $HOME/.config/icewm/sounds.

-i, --interface=LIST Specifies audio output interfaces. One or more of:
%s separated by commas.

-D, --device=DEVICE Backwards compatibility only: the default device.
Please prefer one of the -A/-O/-S options.

-O, --oss=DEVICE Specifies the OSS device (default: "%s").

-A, --alsa=DEVICE Specifies the ALSA device (default: "%s").

-z, --snooze=millisecs Specifies the snooze interval between sound events
in milliseconds. Default is 500 milliseconds.

-p, --play=sound Plays the given sound (name or number) and exits.

-l, --list-files Lists the available sound file paths and exits.

--list-sounds Lists the supported sound filenames and exits.

--list-interfaces Lists the supported audio interfaces and exits.

-v, --verbose Be verbose and print out each sound event.

-V, --version Prints version information and exits.

-h, --help Prints this help screen and exits.

Return values:

0 Success.
1 General error.
2 Command line error.
3 Subsystems error (ie cannot connect to server).

Received signal %s: Terminating...