Source Priority Failing checks

-d, -display DISPLAY Connects to the X server specified by DISPLAY.
Default: $DISPLAY or :0.0 when not set.
-w, -window WINDOW_ID Specifies the window to manipulate. Special
identifiers are `root' for the root window and
`focus' for the currently focused window.
-c, -class WM_CLASS Window management class of the window(s) to
manipulate. If WM_CLASS contains a period, only
windows with exactly the same WM_CLASS property
are matched. If there is no period, windows of
the same class and windows of the same instance
(aka. `-name') are selected.

setIconTitle TITLE Set the icon title.
setWindowTitle TITLE Set the window title.
setGeometry geometry Set the window geometry
setState MASK STATE Set the GNOME window state to STATE.
Only the bits selected by MASK are affected.
STATE and MASK are expressions of the domain
`GNOME window state'.
toggleState STATE Toggle the GNOME window state bits specified by
the STATE expression.
setHints HINTS Set the GNOME window hints to HINTS.
setLayer LAYER Moves the window to another GNOME window layer.
setWorkspace WORKSPACE Moves the window to another workspace. Select
the root window to change the current workspace.
Select 0xFFFFFFFF or "All" for all workspaces.
listWorkspaces Lists the names of all workspaces.
setTrayOption TRAYOPTION Set the IceWM tray option hint.
logout Tell IceWM to logout.
reboot Tell IceWM to reboot.
shutdown Tell IceWM to shutdown.
cancel Tell IceWM to cancel the logout/reboot/shutdown.
about Tell IceWM to show the about window.
windowlist Tell IceWM to show the window list.
restart Tell IceWM to restart.
suspend Tell IceWM to suspend.

Expressions are list of symbols of one domain concatenated by `+' or `|':