SUSE has an in-house translations created by contracted translators in past. The work flow did not allow to merge translations between openSUSE and SLE trees up to now. It caused translation divergence. SLE Merge Robot is an output of the merge effort, and “suggests” to use SLE translation. Please review carefully, and keep standard terminology used in your language. Initial import of yast was created from the community translations, but strings actually missing in the community translation were taken from the contracted SUSE Linux Enterprise translations. These translations are mixed in Weblate. If you are interested in the SUSE Linux Enterprise translations import review, go to

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Repository containing Weblate translations
Translation file po/pam/es.po
When User Action Detail Object
5 months ago admin Resource update yast-pam/master - Spanish
5 months ago admin Resource update yast-pam/master - Spanish
6 months ago admin Resource update yast-pam/master - Spanish
a year ago none Committed changes yast-pam/master - Spanish
a year ago juansarria Translation changed yast-pam/master - Spanish
La función de inicio de sesión automático está habilitada para el usuario %1.
¿DesInhabilitar inicio de sesión automático?
a year ago juansarria Suggestion removed yast-pam/master - Spanish
La función de login automático ha sido activada para el usuario %1.
¿Desactivar el login automático?
3 years ago sle-merge-robot Suggestion added yast-pam/master - Spanish
3 years ago none Resource update yast-pam/master - Spanish
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